Mobile Bag Opener
Client: BRT Recycling Technologie GmbH

The mobile bag opener combines BRT‘s world leading bag opening technology with unlimited mobility. The new mobile technology of the SCHLITZ-O-MAT M is not subject to the complex approval procedures of stationary solutions. In addition to the mobile bag opener‘s ability to start working in no time, just like a normal motor vehicle, it can be used in a wide variety of locations, enabling them all to be flexibly serviced by just one machine.

The BRT-typical, robust construction makes it unsusceptible to contaminants. Regardless of whether it is heavy household waste, commercial waste, organic matter or other difficult substances, it reliably opens and empties garbage bags and loosens and doses the material for the sorting process. Equipped with an integrated conveyor belt, hydraulic cooling or heating, it can be used in all climatic conditions. Its own power supply enables it to be self-sufficient. Not only is it quiet and easy to operate: it can be optionally equipped with a diesel generator or low energy consumption direct power supply.

The Schlitz-O-Mat at the Recycling Messe 2014
Use concept
One of the first prototypes

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